Introduction: How to Make Clothing Rack in a Suitcase

This is for if you are traveling and maybe you do not have a clothing rack to hang you nicer clothes out on or just to stay better organized, or for me I would use this for my dance conventions so I have my costumes hanging up ready for me. Instead of digging to find everything in a big suitcase.

Disclaimer: this is a rough draft of a product and can be improved by better materials.

Step 1: Materials

1. Medium to a large suitcase

2. telescoping clothing rack ( I used mine from an old portable clothing rack that had wheels)

3. hot glue gun

4. thick cardboard (I used the top from a shoe box)

Step 2: Cuttting the Cardboard

First thing I did was cut the cardboard from the show box. I cut two squares close in size (they do not have to be perfect), about 4 inchs by 2 and a half inchs. I need wrapped the cardboard around the bottom of one of the telescoping stands. Make sure its a tight fit to the bar. Then just hot glue the cardboard together. It is easier to still have the stand in the cardboard, but make sure not to glue the stand to the cardboard because it needs to be able to slide in and out.

Step 3: Installing the Cardboard

After you make the cardboard holder, slide the stand out and put it to the side. Then with hot glue, glue the backside to the inner edge of your suitcase. Make sure to apply pressure. Glue the back, sides and both of the cardboard.

Be careful not to burn your finger on the hot as you apply pressure.

Step 4: Finished Product

Once you finish installing the cardboard (stand holder). Slide the stands into the cardboard holder and put the bar on them. And you are done! Now you have a clothing rack anywhere you travel. Also the stand is not completely raised up in the picture due to I could not get it in the whole picture.

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