How to Make Coloured Griptape for Fingerboards.

Introduction: How to Make Coloured Griptape for Fingerboards.

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This is an instructable that shows you how to make griptape for your fingerboards or tech decks on a very low budget although the end product is of a rather high quality.

Step 1: What You Need.

All you need:
-Coloured sharpies,
-a Ruler,
-150 grit sand paper.

Step 2: Marking.

Take the board that you are making the grip tape for and make a rough measurement of it onto the sand paper. This has to be the length of the entire board counting the kicks. You want to mark the length and a bit more so you have excess.

Step 3: Template.

Now depending on which design you are going to use, draw out the outline onto the sandpaper.
I'm going for a red and white strip theme on mine.

Step 4: Filling In.

Using your sharpies or other permanent markers colour in your design. I would suggest using old sharpies because this can damage them.

Step 5: Cutting.

Using your scissors cut out the rectangle with alot of spare so you have excess to cut off when you are fixing this to your board.
To fix this grip tape to your board put a layer of superglue onto one of the kicks, then line up the edge of the grip tape and stick down one end.
Leave it to dry then continue glueing in sections until you are done. This method can save you a lot of money and allow you to do your own designs.
Thank you.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Like it! At least they are decorated, They are not really durable.