Introduction: How to Make Cool Pages in Gimp

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ill show how to make an awesome poster in gimp

Step 1: I Love Gimp So Read These Words

you have to get gimp if you have it skip all this step
1.get the gimp

Step 2: Use Gimp gimp and you should see the windows

Step 3: New Powers Go a new image window i used a portrait shaped photo(the half body in a frame)

Step 4: Themeical

4.pick a theme i used a made up religon called saportism (worshiping gabe saporta from cobra starship)

Step 5: Backgound

look for some thing to make a background i used Filters-> distorts ->mosaic and set your two colors to anything you want this will make a diffrence then set the primatives to hexagons and set all the values to zero except neatness and size and screw with size until you like it then hit okay

Step 6: Distortion

now go to distorts and do newsprint screw until you like it again

Step 7: Poweeeeer

now get a pic and shove it in the corner and then shape it to the right size i used cobra starship

Step 8: Wordssss

now for words use file create logos and pick one i used frosty leters now save your words in the extension .xcf this is important and open them as layers my words were"the church of hot addiction"because that is one of there songs and it goes with religon i also used diff. letters for the word hot to symbolize heat and it looks cool

Step 9: Letters

open your text as layers and delete the backgrounds it'll be floating letters after this place them as needed

Step 10:

your done