How to Make Drum Sticks for Drums.

Introduction: How to Make Drum Sticks for Drums.

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This Is how to make drum sticks, no no not for eating.

Try, for playing the drums.

Step 1: What You Will Need.

You will need:
1 Dowel Rod of 1/2 in thick 30-31 in long (cough cough the good U.S. made kind. or just made any where other then china. They make cheap easy to break stuff. yuck)

Step 2:

You will need Also need:

A coping saw. (if you have a circle saw use goggles and you are warned that if you get damaged I am not to be blamed. You are becasue you did not use protection.) But ya you need a coping saw.

Step 3:


Optional: SUPER SANDER lol makes it go faster like a lot.

Step 4:

A clamp of some sort. (vice)

And a rag to use with the clamp. (I uses a old sock with holes its nice and thick.)

Step 5: Step 1 (finaly XD)

I made my drum sticks 15 and 1/4 an inch long each.

Mark it down, then clamp it, but not do hard or it will mark, and then cut it.

I want to say this, try and not make the drum stick to fast. Take your time.

I did not take my time on my second drum stick and it does not look as good, and it makes them not even look like they where made together. So take your time and it will be amazing. ;)

Step 6: Step 2

Sand the ends of it. (No need for rough ends.)

Sand the end where your hand will hold it when you use it. Sand that Nice and good, so it curves a bit.

Do the same to the other side tho more so. (if you want it to be really small cut it first.)

(Do this to both sticks.)

Step 7: Step 3

After that take it and clamp it. Remember not to tight, just so it won't move when you saw.

Saw about 1/2 an inch from the end the end should be rounded by now from the sanding.

When you saw only saw 1/4 an inch no more no less or the end might break or not look right.

Saw all the way around. Here is a hint. (If you are using a coping saw only go as far so the blade is not sticking out. even then let it stick out about a nails width (Finger nail not nail you use on wood.) Should look like in the picture.

Step 8: Step 4

Start sawing on an angle (This is where you need a coping saw you can use a knife to and carve it out.) from the side on the end to the notch you made earlier. this will be how long it will end up. do this all the way around till i looks like the first and secound picture.

Step 9: Step 4 and a Half. (Wink Wink)

Do the same to the other side of the notch.

it should look like in the pictures.

Step 10: Step 5 Almost There.

Sand it down so it is smooth. (pictured) after sand the whole end to the size you want.

Step 11: Step 6 (last Step, Sort Of.)

Admire and sulk in the glory that you just made drum sticks. Remember do steps 2 through 5 to both sticks.

Step 12: Step 7 (Optional)

Get some varnish and put it on. It will help keep the wood from rotting and things like that. And plus it just looks cool. (The drum stick needs to be clean when you add the varnish or any dirt will be trapped in. Also needs to be dry. Duh)

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    6 years ago

    is there an easier way!??


    Reply 5 years ago

    I suppose you could just slap in on a drill or something and use a file like a lathe. Or if you did not care if there was a head of the drum stick you could just sand the ends down. Sorry if I didn't help.