How to Make Easy Nun Chucks.

Introduction: How to Make Easy Nun Chucks.

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I'll show u how to make e-z nunchucks with very simple things.

what u need
1 bic pen (emptied out)
3 paper clips
 exacto knife
 push pin
 duct tape (optional)
 thats it

Step 1: Empty Out the Pen

take the cap off the pen
with your wrench pull every thing out of there

Step 2: Sawing and Poking

now your going to cut your empty pen in half exactly in half 
now at the tip of the 2 cut in half pens u'll use u're push pin
to poke a hole now poke the paper clip through the hole now
connect the paper clips to that 1 paper clip and attach the
3rd paper clip to the other part of the pen (through the other
hole u should've made.

Step 3: Making It Look Pretty.

now duct tape the nun chucks if u'de like
mine r done with red duct tape so have fun

                                            ******notice these can be dangerous I'm not held responsible******

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