Introduction: How to Make Encrypted Dvd Data to Security Save Your Files.

I find this a very easy method to make encrypted dvd
very good to security you files.
I used PGP desktop to make ENCRYPTED VIRTUAL DRIVER ( E.V.D).

Note: PGP desktop is not a freeware you need to buy the software


After you instal the PGP desktop duble click to open the main window

Step 1: E.V.D File

the PGP desktop will mount the image file for you after you crate the pgp disk file
but if don't just double click to open ou left click to menu.

Step 2: Passphrase

Step 3: New Virtual Disk Show on My Computer

Step 4: Copying the Files to the E.v.d

Step 5: Unmouting the Virtual Drive

Step 6: Extras Files on Cd

I like to create a esmall folder to put some extras files om my cd.

Step 7: Burning the Files on Dvd.

Please don't use Nero to burn the PGP file, this pgp file is very big ( up to 4GB) .
i have lost many dvds trying to burn big file with nero, i recommend you
to use the avs cd dvd creator is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and work 100%

this is the link for you download
avs avs

Step 8: Final Step

now you can delete the pgp file on your pc

if you like to burn another dvd you don't have to create another pgp file just mount the pgp file on your computer again and replace the files in side the virtual drive.

to use de virtual drive just mup the cd on your dvd drive and mount de pgp disk file

sory for my por inglish .