Introduction: How to Make Envelopes From Any Stack of Paper

Let me show you how easy it is to make regular sized envelopes from any stack of paper. First-gather your supplies!

You will need a pack of pretty paper, a We R Memory Keepers Envelope Score Board and a Glue Glider Pro (or your favorite adhesive).

Step 1: Start Out With an 8" Squre

If your paper is not already 8x8 inch square, use a paper trimmer to cut it to size. You can use lighter or thicker paper, even regular copy paper would work.

Step 2: Line Your Paper Up at the 3.5" Mark on the Punch Board

Line up the edge of your paper square with the 3.5" mark on the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board. It doesn't matter which edge of the paper you align, or if you have your paper "pretty" side up or down.

Step 3: Punch the Middle

Hold your paper in place with one hand and press firmly on the middle punch button with the other. This will punch a divot in your paper. Do not remove from the punch board yet- leave it in place.

Step 4: Score Your Lines

Using your scoring tool that was included with the score board, score the left and right lines on the board. Line your tool up with the inside of the middle part. There are channels on the board under the paper and if you press gently, you will score a line easily. This can be tricky if you haven't used the punch boards before. If you have difficulties, start at the bottom of your paper and score towards the middle of the board instead of going from the middle down.

Step 5: Rotate Your Paper

Next rotate your paper clockwise and line up the sore line with the little fish tail end in the center of the board. You won't need to use the ruler on the top of your board if you line up your envelope this way. Get the pointy part of the tail right into your grove line and then push the middle punch again. Score your lines.

Step 6: Continue Rotating and Scoring

Rotate your piece of paper again and line up your fish tail again. Punch and score lines. Keep doing this until you have all 4 sides punched and scored.

Step 7: Round the Corners

To make your envelope more polished, turn your punch board around and put your corners into the hole in the middle. Punch all 4 corners to give a rounded end.

Step 8: Fold Your Envelope

Fold all the edges of the envelope to the center. Use your Glue Glider adhesive to adhere the envelope edges. Fold over the middle of the envelope and tuck the corner inside the envelope to really polish off the look.

Step 9: Send Out Your Letters!

Stuff your envelope and then seal closed using tape. Make sure to include address labels on bold patterns so your card doesn't get returned to sender!