Introduction: How to Make Etch a Sketch Art on Gimp

 Well its not literal art but it will do.
Have you ever seen those guys on tv who can make he Mona Lisa or Barrack Obama on the etch a sketch? I know everyone has wanted to have a useless talent such as that but the only problem is we actually have no time on our hands to practice hours a day on a toy. Sad? Mad? well pay attention prom queens because this is a lesson how!

Step 1: First Things First, Open Gimp

 If you dont have it, google it because it has the same content as the thousand dollar program photoshop and is on a loose budget (Its free).

Step 2: Open a Picture of an Etch a Sketch

 Once again google in the images until you find a simple blank canvas.

Step 3: Get Whatever You Want As a Picture

 I chose an eyeball, because its easy and i had like five minutes to do this for no reason at all :P

Step 4: Move It Just Right

 You might want to move and scale the picture until it is right in the middle of the etch a sketch.

Step 5: Open As Layer and Get to Work

 Open it as a layer and start. this is where things get technical. get jusst the outline with Filters>Edge Detect>Laplace.

Step 6: Use the Pencil Tool

 Just pencil in details so it doesn't look like a magical floating eyeball. also fill in the pupil if desired.

Step 7: And Your Finished :)

 Show it off to your friends on social networking sites (Fbook, Twitter, etc) or pick a more complex one such as my facebook picture