Introduction: How to Make Fresh Pasta Easy (italian Way)

Hi, guys! Now I'm gonna show you how to make easy fresh pasta in the italian way. I am a big fan of the italian cuisine, that's why I wanted to show you my way to cook fresh pasta inspired by Jamie Oliver. Simple recipe, very delicious and one of my favorites. Of course, the most important when you make something is to do it with love, so let's begin. :)

Step 1: The Ingredients!!!

The products are very simple and easy to find in every country even in not so big supermarkets.
Here are the ingredients for original dose:
1. 1 egg
2. 70gr. flour (you can use corn flour, einkorn flour, white flour, full grain flour or every type of flour you want to)
3. 30gr. semolina (optional, you can replace it with normal flour, but with semolina the pasta is tastier)
4. Pinch of salt
5. 1 tbs. olive oil
In the pictures I'm showing you the double dose recipe (2 eggs, 140gr. flour and 60gr. semolina)

Step 2: The Method

The first thing you should do is to wash, break and put the eggs in a medium bowl.
Then you have to add the salt and the olive oil and mix well.
The third step is to sift your flour. Next you should add the semolina and again stir.
After than add the last ingredient which is the sifted flour. Now you just have to knead until you have hard dough.
And you are almost ready!!! :)

Quick Tip: If you want you pasta more yellowish you can add 1 extra yolk.

Quick Tip #2: Adding a little boiled and blended carrots or spinach, fresh blended blackberries or even cocoa pouder will change the color of your fresh past in orange, green, purple or brown.

Step 3: Rising of the Dough

When you finish kneading your dough you just have to wrap it tightly with foil. Then leave it for at least 30 minutes to rise.

Step 4: Using the Machine

It's time to use your pasta machine!!! I'm using Mercato Atlas 150 and the results are pretty satisfying. There is nothing special or hard in this step and if you're following the pictures, you can't have any problems.
You can experimentalize with the length and thickness of the pasta.

Step 5: Boiling the Pasta

For this step you have to grab a big pot, add boiling water and some salt. Then you just put your pasta and wait until it goes to the surface of the water.
Tadaaa, your pasta is ready. If you want you can garnish with olive oil.

Step 6: Final Touches!

You are ready with the pasta! Well done! Add sauce to your taste and serve with grated cheese.
That's it! Easy and delicious.
Bon Appetit!

P.S. Hope you enjoy this instructuble because I made it with love and I am ready to answer all your quistions. :)

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