How to Pick and Make New Friends

Introduction: How to Pick and Make New Friends

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it is always hard to make friends,so this is why i made this instructable to make it easy for the people that can't make friends.
these are tips that mostly work for making friends and getting a girlfriend if your smooth.
they are not a strict guideline just a just a few tips

Step 1: The Way You Look

the way you look is important if your making friends.
example :
if you drive a 2010 bmw coupe ,would you park that car next to a 1985 toyota corolla station if there is a spot next to a different 2010 bmw coupe.

like birds people flock to there type , so if your a rocker then chances are that your are going fit in with other rocker .
if you look like you jump out of a dumpster the chances of making friends is most of the time very very low

the best thing is to update your style ever few months to years ( max 2 years) the best way is to surf the web for styles that work.
the best look if non of the styles that are in fit you taste or body type is to go casual.
NEVER  EVER EVER wear something that is not made for your bodytype .
Always take someone that your trust and is  going to tell you the how you look .  (don't trust the people in the store because the just want to sell stuff most of the time,but there could always be a angel between the devils)
And always be yourself

Step 2: Find Your Prey

it may sound creepy ,but it  works .
if you step up to a person and don't have a starter it going to go bad almost always
example :
person 1 > hi
person 2 > hi
person 1 > ......................
person 2 > later

look at the person's habits :
if the person like's drawing
if the person like's a cool music band
if the person like's tech
if the person like's cars

see if the person's habits and interest match yours because it would suck if your in a click were everyone like's something that you hate.


Step 3: First Contact

How to make contact

Always be yourself and never lie about who  you are.

If your going to make contact dont force the moment.
If your going to make your move don't do it in front of the persons friends ,it will make it look like a prank ,make you look weird and make the person feel weird.

Look for a moment when the person is alone and not the psycho late at night in a creepy  place  moment .
Dont go right up to  the person it is very weird.
Sit next to the person or stand next to he or she and look at what there doing ,don't stare at the person , just glance there way and make a positieve comment about it .
After that use the info collected about the person.

Example :

person 1   like's manga and drawing
person 2  like's manga and  cars

person 1 is in the mall ,sitting on a bench and is drawing something
person 2 sit next  person 1

person 2 >hi
person 1 >hi
person 2 > i like your drawing
person 1.> thank you
person 2 > i like your style of drawing,it very cool the way  you draw
person 1 > thank you , do you draw too
person 2 > no but i like art and also manga
person 1 > me too i like ..............
person 2 > i like  .............
person 2 > hi i'm ..............
person 1 > hi i'm...........

Never dominate a coversation  or it will die fast.
If he or she like's to talk let the person talk and just listen and then answer before the person can change the topic or he or she will just keep shifting from topic to topic and you will get bored it also a good way to keep the person on topic .

Step 4: Post Contact

how to react to a person after first contact

 Always be yourself and don't be clingy

If you see the person later and he or she does not act like your a ghost or that they dont know you stop and have a small chat.

If the chat goes good he or she will maybe let you meet his or her friends or you could let them meet your friends .

sorry for my bad grammer if there is any engels is not my first language

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, you have some good tips, the best tip I could give, is ask questions, people generally like talking about themselves, don't make questions too personal,

    I often complement something about the person, but you have to be genuine, or you will lose it.