Introduction: How to Make Full Minecraft Skins

This is for the advanced minecraft skin makers, even though i am not one i can show you what to do but cannot do them myself.
this is a tutorial to mjod everything, the items, the plants, the blocks and even the enemies.
 for a free pdf email me at

Step 1: You Need Internet

well you obviously need internet to download a raw version of minecraft i found on the internet, it is a touch slower than the normal minecraft but you won't notice the difference.
PLUS, if you want to play on the net with the skinned version i'm afraid you will not be able to play it.
link to download minecraft raw version [][]

Step 2: Now Lets Get to Work

once you have finished downloading the file you will need to extract it, if you haven't already you need to install winrar (download link []) to extract the file.
Once extraction has been completed: want to open the    .minecraft    folder
 2.inside    '.minecraft'   you will see a folder called     'bin'    , open it.
 3.create a folder on the desktop and drop the file 'minecraft.jar' into it
 4. extract minecraft.jar inside the newly created folder

Next step will show you a guide to what folders have what in them

Step 3: Guide

the guide is on the picture
i have left the blocks out by accident, i forgot where they went srry, find another tutorial for that one!

Step 4: Pack Up

once you have finished editing the sprites you will need to delete the minecraft.jar inside the newly created folder, use ctrl+a to select all files in the new folder and then zip them up with winrar or the default windows zipping software.
once you have done that rename the zipped file 'minecraft.jar' but before you do this backup your sprite files(coz u don't want them DEAD).
delete the old minecraft.jar that is inside the bin folder and copy the new minecraft.bin into that folder.
if you can't find that folder then just follow step 2 again

Step 5: Run It in a Sec

look at tutorial.png it will tell you what to do to be able to start up minecraft easily

if it doesn't work then too bad, it worked for me.
one of the reasons it didn't work is because you renamed a file.
but virtual hi-five to those who did it!