Introduction: How to Make Glowstrings

This instructable will teach you how to tie, hold, and make your own glowstrings.

**You can also find a video tutorial for this instructable and other glowsticking tutorials at

Step 1: Materials

-You can use a regular 6 inch glowstick like you buy from wal-mart or any online glowstick manufacturer.

-The string doesn't need to be longer than 45 inches but, if you have an average sized hand, a 36 inch will fit fine.

Make sure to cut off the hook at the top of the glowstick. The reason for this is the strings can get tangled up in the hook when performing certain moves.

Step 2: How to Tie Your Glowstick

-Thread the string through the glowstick and pull it til it has equal length on both sides

-Tie the top of the strings with a square knot(or just any knot that won't easily come undone).

Step 3: How to Hold Your Glowstring

-First put your four fingers into the loop with your hand turned face up and the glowstick on the backside of your hand just like in the picture.

-Next thread the string through your middle and ring finger like so.

-Your main grip will be with your thumb and pointer fingers holding the string like so.

Step 4: How to Measure Your Glowstring

-To correctly measure your glowstring you should make sure that when you wrap the string around your four fingers 2 times that you catch the base of the glowstick in your hand like so.

**To see a video further explaining how to measure your glowstring and tips for finding the perfect length visit and surf over to the instructionals section.