Introduction: How to Make Guitar Picks

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This is a way on how to make picks enjoy

Step 1: The Items You Will Need in Order to Make Picks

the items are scissors, pen(or permanent marker), a plastic card(membership cards, credit cards anything hard and flexible) and the pick.

Step 2: Draw the Pick

use your pick to make the shape on the card and start drawing the pick (if your using a pen you might want to draw harder so the ink can get on the card)

Step 3: Then You Get Your Pick

as you can see here I've drawn the pick it should look something like this.

Step 4: Start Cutting

start cutting out your pick

Step 5: Then You Get Your Pick, But Not Done Yet

if you see any excess on the pick cut it off

Step 6: Start Filing

file the rough edges that the scissors made on the pick

Step 7: Polish the Edges

Polish the edges of the pick with your carpet (or any cloth or old leather you may have) until it gives it a shine on the edges


your pick is now done the right way if theirs any questions or comments about this message me on yahoo at