Introduction: How to Make Handles for a Sliding Door

So yeah my apartment comes with these nice sliding door mirrors for my closet, but no handles. It requires my non-existent gecko powers to open, which makes them understandably difficult to use. So I decided to quickly make myself some, in which case I made it at Techshop!

Step 1:

You'll need:
- some flat metal stock (luckily Techshop sells just the right size)
- some double-sided tape

- vice
- hammer
- files

Step 2: Sketch a Line Through the Midpoint

Okay, we want to do a relatively good job since this will be visible. Basically we draw an X from the corners, and then draw a parallel line through the center point.

I used a scribe which etches into the metal, but something sharp or a marker works too.

Step 3: Fold Over

Okay now line up that mid-line level with the edge of the vice. Then hammer it over, hitting the top edge of the metal at first just to get it started, but then focusing on where the crease is. You don't want to bend the top part too far and then have a weirdly shaped handle.

Step 4: Bevel the Edges and Deburr Them

So this is optional if you have the equipment. I'm using a grinder to bevel down the corners into fillets, but you could just use a file to file it down a bit. If your using this kind of equipment, BE CAREFUL!!!!! Don't get caught in this swirling vortex of d00m.

In either case though, definitely use a file to get rid of the sharp bits around the edges. Then clean it to wash off all the oil, dirt, and etc.

Step 5: Apply Double-sided Tape

Apply the tape to whichever side looks more beat up, because that's the side we want to hide =)

Step 6: Attach to Door and Voila! Your Done!

Also make sure they're about level, but it's just that simple. As you can see, it doesn't look half bad, especially when you put in the extra elbow grease to give it that extra polish. Have fun!