How to Make / Improve R/C Car Slicks With Duct Tape!

Introduction: How to Make / Improve R/C Car Slicks With Duct Tape!


Step 1: Tools!


Duct Tape
R/C Car and Remote


Soda and Snack!

Step 2: Bring Out the Blades!

Start by Cutting 2 or 4 pieces of Duct Tape the round length of your wheels depending on if you want 2 or 4 wheels slick
then roll it around the wheel making sure it fits with no gap what i did was cut it long then rolled it around then cut it right at the end!

Step 3: There You Go!!

this is what it should look like!

Please comment!

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    9 years ago on Step 3

    I'm getting an XMOD just to entertain....the cat!
    Nah, not me. Not at all. What would a 40 year old man want with toys?!

    Seriously, will be taping my rears for some cat-baiting drift action!

    One thing tho. Good to tape with a slight overlap otherwise there'll be fluff and grit pickup. The overlap should be such that the tape is applied in a uni-directional fashion (when looking at the right side, apply anti-clockwise and clockwise for left side).
    So when wheels are rotating forward, the join doesn't push against carpet etc.