Introduction: How to Make Jumper Wires

Hello! This is my first Instructable!

You need jumper wires? Your local shop doesn't sell them? You don't want to wait the mail order to arrive? So make them yourself!
Step-by-step instructions how to make male-female jumper wires.

Step 1: Gather Up All the Parts

First, gather up all the parts:
- Some heat shrink
- Some wire
- Wire cutters
- Soldering iron
- Male header pins

Step 2: Strip Wire

So do like I did:
Strip a bit out of the wire with wire cutters.
Then strip longer part out of the other head.

Step 3: Bend the Longer Head

So now bend the longer head so it touches the rubber.
Make sure you bend the right head!
It should look like this.

Step 4: Insert the Heat Shrink

So now carefully:
Insert the heat shrink so it goes bit out of wire's head which touches the rubber.
You should not see it anymore.
Then carefully heat it with soldering iron from the other head. (Look the picture!)

Step 5: Heat the Other Head

And now put the wire from the heat shrink head to the male header pin.
Then carefully heat the heat shrink with soldering iron. (Again, look at the picture)
Then, finally, it's READY!