Introduction: How to Make Mazes

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i got really bored in my Social Studies class last year (8th grade)
so i took some graph paper, and started making some random lines, and somehow, a maze appeared!
some credit goes to Cait Wolters (if anyone knows her)

Step 1: Stuff You Need

some nice, heavy graph paper
I used mead 4 quadrille graph paper
if you have thin paper, the colors may bleed through
markers, in many colors (if you're making lots)

Step 2: Start!

Start by making the boundaries for the maze
Usually, i work off a normal, rectangle shape because I can fit the max amount in it
Don't forget to add entry ways

Step 3: Continuing...

Now, just start putting random lines in.
When you're making this, make sure that even if you make a lot of "branches", one of them HAS to lead to the exit.
The trick is, the more branches, the harder.

Step 4: Maze Techniques: the Spiral

One of the traps you can make is the spiral, and it's relatively easy. Although easily avoided, it's entertaining the first few times someone gets stuck in them.
So, you start by making a box.

Then make the 2 lines as such.

Then 2 more.

Again, 2 more and you've finished a spiral.

Step 5: Maze Technique 2: the Stepcase

It looks like a stepcase, so that's what i'm calling it.
Start by making the zigzaggy line.

Then, make another zigzag line parallel to it (my geometry teacher would argue that it's antiparallel :P)

Here's where you can do whatever you want. Block it off, keep making stepcases, whatever.

Step 6: Finish

There are more techniques, but i'll do those later, maybe in an aonther instructable. Try not to do diagonal lines, it just complicates things.

In this picture, i'm partly done and the spiral and stepcase are clearly visible.

Step 7: Extras

This is my huge maze, and it uses 9 of the graph sheets. The line thing is a ruler. Then some close ups...

After, ther's a 4- and a 3-page maze.

Hope you had fun!