How to Make Mini Wings!

Introduction: How to Make Mini Wings!

Make these Super cute wings with scraps of old material!

Step 1: Cut Out a Template for Your Wings

Cut out a simple paper template to the size of your choice and lay it flat on your material.cut around the template to create your first wing Layer.

Step 2: Repeat the Last Step Until You Have a Complete Set of Wing Layers.

Step 3: Get One Last Peice of Material to Bring the Layers Together

Step 4: Iron All of the Peices So That Your Finished Piece Is Not Creased and Messy

Step 5: Get Sowing!

Tack the first peice of your wing to the bottom of your base material( start at the bottom,And work up to avoid unnessesary complications)

Step 6: Repeat .to Make Second Wing!

Repeat all steps to make one more wing!

Step 7: Fasten the Wings Together With Some Buttons !

Step 8: Finish It Off!

finish your wings of withe some fabric loops to fasten on to anything you want! D ont forget to personalise it with ribbons Gems.....

Step 9: I Hope You Enjoyed This Instructable Project!

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    I wonder if I could get my dog to wear something like this....

    Nice job with your build - thanks for sharing it on instructables. What do you think you are going to publish next?