Introduction: How to Make Nail Stickers

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You don't have to buy nail stickers anymore, because you can make them! You can design your own nail stickers.

Step 1: Materials

-colored nail polish
-clear nail polish
-plastic wrap

Step 2: Painting

-use the clear nail polish to make rectangles on the clear plastic wrap that are bigger than the size of your nail
-use one of the other nail polishes to paint the edge of the clear rectangles
-draw nine more of these rectangles to make stickers for all of your nails

Step 3: Cutting and Pasting

-let the nail polish dry for about ten minutes
-cut out the rectangles
-now apply a clear coat on your nails, and apply the nail stickers on
-cut off the excess of the rectangles so the stickers fit perfect on your nail
-apply a coat of clear nail polish for shine
Hope you like the result!
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