Introduction: How to Make One Tasty Snowman (not to Eat)

We don't get much snow where we live so we rely on books, videos and the occasional road trip to explain what isn't a fact of our geographical lives.

Here's a sweet toddler art project to accompany a lesson on snow. It's simple and cheap and it gives those fine motor skills a workout. It also doubles as a yummy snack and lends itself to all sorts of extension activities (which I'll share with you later). And did I mention it's uber-uber-fun?

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project you'll need:

Pretzel sticks
Blue construction paper
White crayon
1/2 cup measuring cup
Spoon (not pictured)

Optional Items:
Three small bowls and one large bowl for a pouring/mixing activity

Step 2: Measure Things Out

The next couple steps aren't necessary to make the snowman picture but I think they're a great way to sneak in some fine motor skills practice like spooning, measuring, pouring and mixing.

Measure out a 1/2 cup each raisins, marshmallows and pretzel sticks pouring them into 3 separate small bowls.

Step 3: It's Pouring

Once you've measured out the three ingredients into separate bowls pour them together into one large bowl.

Step 4: Mix Master

Stir together the three ingredients and..ta-da...instant snack mix to munch on while creating your snowman picture.

Step 5: Making the Man of Snow

Begin by drawing a small, medium and large circle with a white crayon on blue construction paper for the snowman's head and body.

Step 6: Draw the Line

 We like to draw a white line under the snowman to represent the snowy ground. This is totally optional.

Step 7: Glue It All Together

Using the white glue, marshmallows and pretzels begin highlighting your snowman picture. We began with the largest circle on the snowman first by tracing over the circle with a nice solid line of glue.

Step 8: A Few Marshmallows Please

Then, place the mini-marshmallows on top of the glue to finish off the bottom of the snowman.
Do the same with the other two circles moving from the bottom to the top of the snowman.

Step 9: Raisins Please

 Now glue a few raisins on your snowman for the eyes, mouth and buttons, if you please.

Step 10: Stick Pretzel Sticks

Next, glue pretzel sticks for the arms. My 3 year old pointed out that the sticks were too long to use for fingers. So she quickly fixed that by nibbling off 3/4 of a few sticks (such a smartie).

Step 11: Cover the Land With Marshmallow Snow

To finish off the picture trace over the white line you drew at the bottom of the page with glue and cover the glue with marshmallows. Then. glue a few strategically placed marshmallows in the background to create the illusion of falling snow.

Step 12: Signing Your Work

An artist should always sign her work so don't forget to write your name somewhere on the picture.

Step 13: Good Taste in Art

While your work of art is drying enjoy any leftover snack mix...Don't forget to share!

Or you can have some fun with your leftover mix as you munch away. For example you could... 

Step 14: How Do They Measure Up?

...Figure out the length of your construction paper using non-standard measurement.

While we learned our paper was just about 12 inches long we also discovered it was 5 pretzel sticks, 20 mini-marshmallows and 25 raisins long.

Or you could use your snack mix to...

Step 15: The Shape of Things

 ...Make shapes, numbers, letters etc. using your snack mix.

And then you could...

Step 16: Is There a Pattern Here?

 ...Practice your pattern making skills and perhaps....

Step 17: Is There a Trick to This?

...See if mommy (or daddy) can finish your snack mix pattern.

Next you could even try... 

Step 18: Sorting Things Out

 ...Practicing your sorting skills by categorizing your snack pieces into similar pretzel for the paper, one pretzel for my mouth...two marshmallows for the paper, two marshmallows for my mouth...

And last but not least (our favorite way to extend the fun)...

Step 19: Read a Good Book, Snack a Good Snack

 ...Cuddle up under a cozy blanket and read a theme related book while you munch on your snowman snack mix.

One of our favorite snow themed book is "Snow Day" by Lynn Plourde