How to Make Paper Animation




Introduction: How to Make Paper Animation

This How to will show you how to make paper animation. Like on SouthPark. This How to animation example is not as colorful as southpark but it shows you how to do it. This is not hard it is just time consuming if you want it to look good. If you don't know what paper animation is this video will show you.

If you ever wondered what Kenny is saying at the beginning of every southpark episode here it is.
"I like t!ties, big fat t!tys, huge @ss boobies everywhere." LOL. I love Kenny, he's awesome.

Step 1: Cut Out the Parts

Now you need to cut out the body parts of your character.

Step 2: Put the Pieces Together

Put all your peices you cut out and make them into a character.

Step 3: Draw or Color It

Draw and decorate him/her. Color it to if you like. Notice im useing post-it notes. It's probably best to use construction paper though.

Step 4: Now Take Some Pics

Take some pictures of your character and move him a bit before each shot. This is how you make it seem for it to move and talk and stuff. Then put it in Windows Movie Maker or some other video editing software and you can add sound and stuff. Then once you're finished and the video is published you can put it on a DVD or on youtube. Whatever! Is the final copy of my crappy animation of some fat guy skipping or something.

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    the video said that it is no longer available due to a copyright claim by viacom i hate viacom (even though they have the right).


    14 years ago on Introduction

    hmmm.... your video is broken. And im pretty sure southpark is animated with computer software.... not start stop animation. Good instructables though.