Introduction: How to Make Paper Gift Bows Using Silhouette (Free Cut File)

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Today is something new and different, I am sharing my first ever tutorial using silhouette (If you are totally new to the word itself,you might want to check about the wonderful craft toy -an electronic cutting machine by clicking the link).Before starting I would like to say, I am not a pro or a experienced silhouette crafter yet so please forgive me if I make any mistakes and tell me in the comments below so that I can learn. (I always appreciate suggestions & comments from fellow crafters :)) . I got this machine as I won second prize in Crafting 101 contest. Thanks to instructables team & all the sponsors for the opportunity to exhibit my talent and win such amazing prizes. Now on to the tutorial.

Step 1: ​Materials Required :

  • Silhouette cutting machine (Portrait or Cameo)
  • Any scrap book paper of your choice
  • Double sided tape

Step 2:

Open the desired cut file(Go to the end of the instructable) in your silhouette studio.

There are three types of bows cut file for making four types of bows that I am sharing in this instructable. They are

  • One inch flower bow template
  • Small flower bow template
  • Double flower bow template

I have done my best to share the cut file for both portrait and cameo. However I couldn't adjust the cut border for cameo as I don't have it .So, cameo friends before sending your file to silhouette make sure you enable the show cut border and adjust your bow template accordingly. Also, for one inch flower bow and double flower bow there will be two templates that has to cut in the portrait due to the smaller size of portrait.

Step 3:

Load your cutting mat into the machine with scrapbook paper mounted on the mat(I used light hold cutting mat) and click "send it to silhouette" button in your silhouette studio.Watch the cutting machine in action. I followed the default setting for cardstock and used double cut option for some of the bow as I did not get a clean cut when using cardstock to make bow.

Step 4:

Weed your template from the cutting mat. While doing this, reverse your mat and pull the mat from the paper instead of pulling the paper from the mat for easy weeding.(Silhouette friends in Facebook group taught me this tip).Here I am using the double bow template 1 for portrait. If you want a full double bow you have to cut the template 2 and attach it to the center of the template 1 before starting to make the bow. (This step is for portrait users only)

Step 5:

Turn the template wrong side facing up and stick double side tape to the corners of each strand of the template to make the first fold.

Step 6:

Lift the middle strand and fold the double strand towards the center and stick it as shown.Do the same for all the strands.Apply 2 to 3 pieces of tape to the center and fold all the middle strands towards center. Now take the rectangle piece and stick the ends together and tape it to the center or tape a circle to the center.Your bow is complete.As said earlier , you will get this particular bow from the template 1 for portrait .

Step 7:

If you want a full double flower bow, you have to print the template 2 for portrait and attach it to the center as said earlier.Then the result will be as shown.

Step 8:

I have made a one minute video to show you how to use the small flower bow template in two ways.

Step 9:

I also wanted to show you how the One inch flower bow looks and I also made some extra details which you may use it with other bows as well.

Step 10:

Hope you like my bow making tutorial. There are lot of possible ways to customize these templates like printing the name of the recipient all over the template and using print & cut feature to make your own personalized ribbon or using your favorite printed material to cut this template and use them as ribbon instead using scrap book paper or cardstock, etc etc. Let me know if you use these template to decorate your gifts. I will have very happy to see the pictures. Share your pictures in any of the social media like Facebook, twitter, instagram or google+ and tag me or use #vikalpah so that I can see them. Or you can always mail them to

For non-silhouette crafters, no worries at all. You can also use this idea to make your own ribbon with help of scale and xacto knife. Make your own template at the back of the scrapbook paper and cut it with xacto knife and follow the same procedure to make this gorgeous bow.

Share your thoughts, doubts, suggestions or comments in the comments section and as always I love to read through them to know what you think.I am entering this instructable in "Paper Craft Contest" ,so if you like this inscrutable please do vote for me. Thank you :)

Step 11: Double Bow Templates for Portrait & Cameo

Step 12: One Inch Bow Template for Portrait & Cameo

Step 13: Half Inch Bow Template for Portrait & Cameo

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