Introduction: How to Make "Rick", the World's Worst Birthday Present

"Rick" was created by my friend Luke and I in order to annoy another friend (also named Rick) on his 18th birthday.
Shocked at the idea of giving a more conventional gift, we created "Rick" over the course of two days. This Instructable exists to show YOU how to make your own "Rick" in several easy steps.
This also makes an interesting Christmas present which will disappoint relatives with ease. Just throw in some holly and ta-da! Instant Holiday!

Step 1: What to Get

OK, to create your very own "Rick", you will need the following:

- Polystyrene head (life-size)... we got ours from Hobbycraft for around a tenner.
- Paint... and lots of it. Oil based, perhaps. Maybe poster paint.
- A Sharpie, or some kind of pen for writing on the bobbly, bobbly surface.
- Felt letters... understandably, we got an R, an I, a C and a K. Do try and get every letter in your friend's name.
- Old goggles. Science goggles are excellent, but I still haven't a clue what kind was on our "Rick".
- Old headphones that you are willing to cut the cord off. Unless you want it to dangle, which would be quite funny. Optionally, you could tie the cord around the head, which would, in contrast, look ridiculous.
- A cigar. This is crucial: the cigar needs to be able to perch into the nose of "Rick" without exploding into a tobacco nightmare.

Of course, these are just the materials made for our "Rick", and any deviations are welcomed.

Step 2: Acquire a Polystyrene Head

Amazingly, polystyrene heads are easy to get hold of. We went to Hobbycraft and bought one for around 10 quid. Please be careful however.... the need to place a life-size fake head on top of yours and masquerading as an alabaster psycho is overwhelming. Damaging the head can remove the sheen of the overall project.

We also got hold of some felt letters from the same shop. These were fairly cheap, and incredibly effective. We will overlook the fact that they were later just stapled onto "Rick"'s neck, and we do not advise any other method of adhesive: staples provided such a magical touch as to bring tears to our eyes.

Step 3: Planning Is Everything

Our initial plan involved forming the head into a kind of pirate, with glitter and a cigar in the mouth. However, we quickly scrapped this: an eye patch was difficult to get at such short notice, a beard was too complex and the hair was otherworldly.
So, I can only offer this advice... with a "Rick", planning is nothing. Spontaneity and madness are key to creating the perfect "Rick". Just have the materials and go mental.

We must also say that we initially tried to make it look like the recipient (our friend Rick).
Never make it look like the person you intend to have to look at it constantly.
However, always say that you tried incredibly hard to create a perfect likeness.

Step 4: Painting Is Everything

Firstly, we sprayed the whole thing silver. Don't ask why. Naturally, we left it to dry before starting anything else, giving it a strange texture.

When painting your "Rick", just think.... what's the most alarming thing you could possibly add? If you woke up in the night and it was sat on the dresser staring at you, what would make you wet yourself there and then?

A few words of warning:

- We opted not to make it too gory. Gore and humour don't always equate. We did accidentally add too much red paint to the neck, and realised that it would resemble a death threat to receive.
-We did, however, opt to make it disturbing, but with touches such as A Clockwork Orange-style eye makeup, strange twisting sideburns, blood red lipstick, randomly placed dabs of paint around the face, and various other touches.
We also decided to paint hair...
Paint a dome. Don't go into too much detail. Trust me.

Whilst you're there, staple the felt letters onto the neck. Throw in a few more staples for good luck. Paint liberally.

Oh, and goatees are always welcome.

Step 5: Attach Accessories

Accessorise like a crazy person. We attached a pair of goggles and painted "RI--CK" across them, as well as throwing in some headphones.

Now, the cigar....

- Drill a hole in the nose (don't do it too big, it can be expanded later if need be)
- Place the cigar in the cavity.
- Paint the tip red. If the cigar is going to be smoked later, I would advise against painting the tip.

Oh, and we also attached a balloon to "Rick"'s nose. It quickly popped. We advise against this.

Step 6: Write a Message on the Base

An incredibly important step, we took this opportunity to write an apology with a mascara wand (a Sharpie is more advisable) for one of the most shameful gifts in history.

It reads:
"To Rick,
Love Adam and Luke"


Step 7: Present (to Them, That Is... As in the Verb, Present....)

Then you present the gift to your friend.
Always take a photo.... it's priceless.

So there you have it, a cheap and easy way to piss off your friend on their 18th birthday.

I strongly advise getting another gift. Especially if it's for Crimbo. A nice DVD should take some the edge off. Of course, this site has thousands of potential gifts to scour through. As long as you realise that the appearance of "Rick" was one of the best moments of our lives, then we are happy.