Introduction: How to Make Simple Electric Toy Airboat.

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Hello, Aku here. welcome to my first instructable. i've been a huge a fan of this website and built alot of projects off it. now its time for me to share my simple builds.

my aim is to build really simple but entertaining toys,gadgets and hacks.

this week we are building an electric toy airboat, i know they are many projects out there, but trust me. this one is the easiest.

less talk, lets get down to business.

Materials Needed :

-Styrofoam thermocool sheet (AKA those white things that come with new boxed goods)

-Plain paper and pen (for planing and sketching)

-cutting tool (i used my mothers kitchen knives, dont worry she doesnt know and thats why im still alive to share this with you)

-Simple electric motor (time to break your granddads radio, dads disk man or your young brothers toy car)

-Battery (time to go around the house scavenging for dead/ old useless phones)

-Wood Strips

-A cup yogurt (yogurt? you ask. the cup is what we need to make the propeller)

-Hot Glue (Makes Life easy)

That's All.

Maker hut Zambia Inspired this build, i'd like to thank them for that.

much love. Peace.

Step 1: Planning

01. Find scrap piece of thermo cool sheet board (styrofoam board)

02. on a piece of plain paper draw a sketch plan for your desired dimension.

Step 2: Cutting

cut out the shape you sketched out.

Step 3: Strengthen Your Structure

at this point, you are practically done with the build but to keep it safe, you'll need to reinforce the structure. in my case i used popsickle sticks as they a firm, light and fit my structue perfectly. a good alternative would be wooden bamboo skewers (kibab sticks)

Step 4: Electronics

i am using a simple a 2.1v electric d.c motor i got from an old toy car and nokia e71 battery which produces sufficient power to run the motor.

Step 5: Propeller

Next, Im using a simple pusher propeller i built from a yogurt bottle/cup. and stuck it to the motor shaft using hot glue.

Step 6: Assembly

Next, i cut out a small block of thermocool and hot glued it on top of the structure then placed the motor on top of it to give enough space from the ground/water so that it doesnt make a mess in my bathroom. hehe

Step 7: Done, Testing.

you're done now. connect your battery and have.