How to Make Someone Learn Tie Shoelace in a CUTE WAY




Introduction: How to Make Someone Learn Tie Shoelace in a CUTE WAY

Do you have a friend or family member who don't know how to tie shoelace?

Does your younger one wants to learn to tie shoelace?

Heres the thing!

All you need is -

A Cardboard

A Sketchpen/Marker

An old shoe lace


All you have to do is-

1. Draw Flip-Flops on a cardboard with help of a marker

2. Attach Shoelace by making some holes on the points and tie the shoelace from it

3. Write this song at the side so that he/she can understand in an interesting way

4. Voila! You did it! You made a person how to tie shoelace!

This will help one to learn how to tie shoelace and also it can be used as a project in schools for younger ones


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    1 year ago

    Hey plz tel me how did you build this
    Tell us the steps