Introduction: How to Make Stencils

Stencils are an easier way to get lots of detailed work done with spray paint. In this ible I will show you how to make a ibles logo stencil. No real hard skills required.

Step 1: Print Off a Logo

Print off a logo!

Step 2: Lamination

Laminate your print off.

Step 3: Cut Out

Cut the stencil out with a sharp knife, Be careful!!!!! If you want any shape areound the cutout cut that shape around the outer eges for a border.

Step 4: Tapeing

tape your stencil on to any surface (not your houses walls) lol, and its time to spray.

Step 5: Painting

Using spray paint spray around 8" away for an even cote. wait for it to dry and peel the stencil away.

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