Introduction: How to Make Stereo Graphic Images

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The copy, shift, and paste features in most graphic programs can be used to construct a stereo graphic image.

Step 1: An Example Image

Draw a 2-1/2 by 3-1/2 inch rectangle using a graphics program.
Then draw a smaller rectangle inside it.
Then draw two smaller rectangles inside that rectangle

Step 2: Copy and Paste the Image

Copy and paste the image to have two identical images.

Step 3: Select and Shift Objects

On the right image, select the top smaller rectangle.
Shift it inward to the left using arrow keys if available.
Shift the bottom smaller rectangle outward to the right.

Step 4: View the Image

After allowing your eyes to adjust to the stereo graphic image.
The top smaller rectangle should appear to be outward.
the bottom smaller rectangle should appear to be inward.

Step 5: Some Images Are Convenient

This copy/shift and paste technique can be conveniently applied to things like cartoons. Cartoons like above have objects that are surrounded by consistent backgrounds. This makes it easy to select/copy/shift/and paste an area which includes some surrounding background.

The 3D viewing is easiest when the width of one picture equals the distance between the eyes. Sometimes a picture may need to be scaled in size to do this.