Introduction: How to Make Tea Without Sugar

What you need is: (from left to right)

-Tea bag(s)
-Water boiler
-A cup
-No sugar
-(Optional) A spoon.

Step 1: Water Boiler

Take the water boiler and pour in your water. Be careful not to spill any of it!

Step 2: Boil the Water!

Plug in your water boiler and wait for the water to boil. This could take a moment, just look and listen very carefully! 

Step 3: Filling the Cup (1)

Take your cup and insert a teabag to your choice. Fold the string around the edge of the cup, so the little cardboard at the end lies on the surface.

Step 4: Filling the Cup (2)

Now it is time to add the hot water! Pour it in slowly and carefully, so there is no risk of burning yourself or somebody else near you!

Step 5: Wait...

The color of the water you just poured in, will change color gradually. The long you wait, the stronger the flavour of your tea will be. Precise timing is essential here!

Step 6: Optional Step: Stir Up!

This step is completely optional. Take a spoon and stir the tea-in-the-making. This will help to:
-Cool the tea
-Mix in the flavour very well.

Step 7: Tricky Part: the Sugar!

Listen up! Here comes the hardest part: be sure not to add sugar while stirring the tea. This could take some effort, but it will assure you an original and unaffected flavour sensation you have never tasted before.

Step 8: Finished!

And voila! You now achieved a nice warm cup of tea, without any sugar!
Enjoy and be sure to blow well before drinking. This will cool the tea efficiently.