Introduction: How to Make the SuperSmartCase

This is the step by step process to make the SuperSmartCase

Step 1: 1st Step: Get a Cheap Case

For the first step all you need is a cheap iphone case or any smartphone case

Step 2: 2nd Step: Get Some Strong Magnets

In this step, you put magnets on the back side of the case.

Step 3: 3rd Step: Put the Color of Duct Tape You Want

In this step you will put the color of duct tape you want to wrap the case around with.

Step 4: 4th Step: Make a Block of Quilt That Can Fit the Front and Put Duct Tape on It.

In this step, you cut out a piece of quilt and put duct tape on the front

Step 5: 5th Step: Make a Pocket Out of the Duct Tape

In this step you need to make a pocket out of duct tape and place it on the front.

Step 6: Optional Step: Out Some Tacks on the Side That Have to Nail Thing on the Front

Get some tacks and break the nail thing thats on the front and hot glue gun the tacks on the side this is for your headphones.