Introduction: How to Make the Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ever

Materials needed:
Butter knife
Two slices of bread
Fry pan
Favorite flavor of jam

Step 1: Place Two Pieces of Bread on a Flat Surface.

Step 2: Remove Butter With Butter Knife (approximately a Tablespoon) and Spread Evenly on Top Surface of Both Slices of Bread.

Step 3: Cut Thin Slices of Cheese (approximately Three, Depending on Desired Cheesiness).

Step 4: Turn Stovetop to Medium Heat and Place Fry Pan on Stovetop.

Step 5: Place One Slice of Bread on Fry Pan Butter Side Down. Lay Three Cheese Slices on Slice of Bread.

Step 6: Place Remaining, Unused Slice of Bread on Cheese With Buttered Side Facing Up.

Step 7: Grill on Each Side for Approxitamely Two Minutes. Remove When Golden Brown on Each Side.

Step 8: Scoop Out Desired Amount of Jam With Butter Knife and Spread Evenly on One Side of Grilled Sandwich.