How to Make the Letters "H" and "Q" Out of PVC

Introduction: How to Make the Letters "H" and "Q" Out of PVC

Are you bored? Well do something useful and learn how to create letters out of PVC. This instructable will teach how to create two letters, Q and H. I am using .5" pac pipe but you can use any size you want. Be sure to get the correct size pipe and fitting.

Step 1: Parts LIst

For the letter "H" you will need:           
-4 tee joints
-2 90dg. elbow joints
-4: 5.5" pvc pipes
-1: 5" pvc pipe
-2: 1" pvc pipes

For the letter "Q" you will need:
-8 45dg. elbow joints
-1 tee joint
-7: 6" pvc pipes
-2: 2.25" pvc pipes
-1: 2.5" pipes

Step 2: The "H"

first start by connecting the 5" pipe into the middle of the 2 tee joints

Step 3: The "H" PT.II

Next add the four 5.5" pipes into the remaining openings of the tee joints

Step 4: The "H' PT.III

Next add the two elbow joints to one side of the H

Step 5: The "H" PT.IV

Lastly add the two 1" pipes into the 90dg. elbow and attach the middle of the tee joints to them.

Step 6: The "Q" PT. I

Begin by connecting the two 2.25" pipes into the sides of the tee joint.

Step 7: The "Q" PT. II

Next connect two 45dg elbows to the end of the pipe.

Step 8: The "Q" PT. III

Begin adding 6" pieces of pipe to the 45dg elbows and cap them with 45dg elbows. Repeat this until you connect the letter.

Step 9: The "Q" PT. IV

Lastly add the 2.5" pipe into the remaining opening of the tee joint.

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