Introduction: How to Make the Letters J and O With 1/2in PVC

In this instructable, you will learn how to make the letters J and O using 1/2in diameter PVC. 

Step 1: Materials for J and O

In order to make the Capital letter J, you need the following materials: (all joints and PVC is 1/2 in)
1 T-joint
2 90-degree elbows
2 2in PVC
1 1in PVC
1 4in PVC

Materials for capital O:
4 90-degree elbows
2 4in PVC
2 8in PVC

Step 2: How to Build the J

Take the T-joint and on each side insert the 2in PVC

From the bottom outlet of the T-joint, insert the 4in PVC

On the end of that connect a 90-degree elbow

On the end of that, insert the 1in PVC

On the end of that connect the 90-degree elbow( the two elbows should be flush against each other)

Now the J is complete.

Step 3: How to Build the O

Lay out the 4 90-degree elbows in a square

In between the top two and bottom two, insert the 4in PVC

In between the side two, insert the 8in PVC

Now the O should be complete.