How to Make the Letters K and U With 1/2inch PVC Pipes

Introduction: How to Make the Letters K and U With 1/2inch PVC Pipes

In this instructable I will be showing you how to create both the letters K and U using PVC pipes and common PVC fittings you can buy at your local hardware store

Step 1: Cutting Your PVC Pipes to the Lengths That Will Be Needed

This small project calls for three 4inch sections, three 5 inch sections, and six 1inch sections of half inch PVC pipe, so in the end you will have 12 sections of PVC pipe totaling to 33 inches. This project also calls for six 45 degree elbows and two T fittings.

Step 2: Assembling the Base of the U

take four of your 45 degree elbows and attach them together with three of the one inch sections in a curved line, the 45 degree elbows should be flush or close to it.

Step 3: Finishing the U

once you have your base of the U all you have to do is insert a 4 inch section into both of the two openings, Now you have your U!

Step 4: Starting the K

First you will take your T fitting and insert a one inch section into the side outlet, then connect a 45 degree elbow to the one inch section, then connect that 45 degree elbow to the other T fitting with a one inch section, then attach a 45 degree elbow to the side outlet of that T fitting with your last one inch section. It should look like this.

Step 5: Finishing the K

insert a 5 inch section into the two openings of the T connector that you started with, these pipes should be parallel. then insert a 5 inch section into the opening of the 45 degree elbow, and insert the last 4 inch section into the last opening on the T fitting, you now have your two PVC letters!

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