How to Make Vegetarian Chuck Roast




Introduction: How to Make Vegetarian Chuck Roast

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This instructable will show you how to make a veggie chuck roast. Its a nice warm meal on a cold night.

Step 1: Ingredients

3 Potatoes
4 Carrots
1 onion
1 block of tofu or Seitan, Seitan tastes way better, really just use seitan
1 package onion soup
1 veggie bouillon cube
3 Cups water

Step 2: Carrots

Clean, peel. and chop your carrots in to 2 inch pieces.
Then add them to the pot.

Start heating your oven to 350F now.

Step 3: Potatoes

Clean, peel and chop your potatoes in to chunks, I usually cut the spud in half, then each half in to quarters.

Step 4: Tofu/Seitan

If you use tofu, chop it up in to big pieces. If you use seitan, just chuck it in.

Step 5: All Together

Add all the veggies and tofu/setein together.

Step 6: Flava'

I mix the 3 cups of warm water, onion soup mix and bouillon in a bowl. Then pour it over the ingredients.

I also sprinkle on some salt and pepper.

Put this in the oven for about an hour, or until the veggies are tender.

Step 7: Enjoy

I serve it with some fresh bread.

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    5 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    made some last night. quick and easy about an hour and a half prep and cooking made about 4 servings for me 5/5


    11 years ago on Introduction

    just made and had some....delicious took maybe an hour and a half total prep and cook. 5/5


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I made some seitan from scratch a couple of times. It tastes good...but sure is hard to digest. The recipe looks interesting, but seems like it needs something "gravy-ish". (I'm not a vegetarian, BTW, but I like trying new things.)


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Looks delicious, I prefer seitan over tofu, too.