How to Make Warm House Slippers




Introduction: How to Make Warm House Slippers

I needed just a simple slipper to keep my feet warm on our cold cement Floored kitchen and bathroom.  I got this idea from the Pink Slipper Project.

Step 1: Supplies

•Outer fabric (either cotton, or a flannel, or anything that you feel would be comfy)
•batting (you can use iron on batting to make the sewing easier if you like)
•Sole material (I used felt, you just want something to keep you from slipping)
•Sewing machine
•Matching thread

Step 2: Step 1: Bottom Pattern

Make your pattern by outlining your feet on the top side of the outer fabric.  Make sure to use both feet for the pattern so you will not end up with two left feet!

Drawing the line approximately one inch from your foot all  the way around.

Step 3: Step 2: Cutting

Using the patterns you drew of your two feet, cut your materials as follows:

Right Foot:
Cut 2 - Primary Fabric
Cut 3 - Iron on Batting
Cut 1 Sole

Left Foot:

Cut 2 - Primary Fabric
Cut 3 - Iron on Batting
Cut 1 Sole

Step 4: Step 3: Top of Slipper

Create the pattern for the top of the slipper using the cut bottom pieces as a guide cutting on the fold. 

Draw the toe about1 in larger and bring it down about a half way to three-fourths down the top foot section on the primary fabric

Step 5: Step 4: Cut Toe

Cut out the toe fabric as follows using your pattern:

Cut 2 primary fabric (On the fold)
Cut 2 batting

Step 6: Step 5: Layer Order

Lay the fabrics for the bottom slippers in the following order starting from the bottom:

1. sole
2. primary fabric
3. layer of batting
4. layer of batting
5. layer of batting
6. primary fabric

Step 7: Step 6: Pin

Pin the bottom layers in order.

Step 8: Step 7: Toe Arrangement

Put the batting between the folded cut primary fabric.  Press.

Step 9: Step 8: Connect Top to Bottom

Pin the top of slipper starting at the tip of the toe.

Pin all the way around the toe on both slippers.

Step 10: Step 9: Sew Together

Sew all the way around both slippers with a straight stich reinforcing the stitching where shown on the photo.

Step 11: Step 10: Trim the Edges Close to the Seams. and Enjoy Your New House Slippers!!!

Trim the edges with your scissors close to the seams all the way around the slippers

And enjoy your new house slippers!!!

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    4 years ago

    Great job of a fast diy slipper.... Brilliant. Can't wait to try it.