Introduction: How to Make Wearable Display

How to make wearable display - OLED SSD1306 display run by ATtiny85

Step by step tutorial, with no steps to skip.

The main goal of this tutorial is to show how to make wearable display run by Attiny85 and OLED display SDD1306.

Due to running campaign for ATtiny25/45/85 PCB TINY CHEAP VERSATILE Arduino compatible on Indiegogo I did prototype of wearable display base on natural leather, to show what is possible with ATtiny25/45/85 PCB.

Soldering is not the subject of this instructable but you can check how to do this here.

PDF of this instructable can be download directly from here.

Step 1 - What do we need?

Step 2 – Preparing leather

Step 3 - Display preparing

Step 4 – Sew snaps to leather

Step 5 - Sew snaps to OLED display

Step 6 – Extras

Step 1: What Do We Need?

Basically parts needed for making wearable display we can devided for two categories.

First – part of which will be part of the final device

OLED SSD1306 display x 1

PCB with ATtiny85 on board x 1

Leather ~5cm2 x 1

Battery CR2032 x 1

Cattery Case x 1

Switch x 1

Clothes latches x 8

Second - parts which we will use to prepare wearable display

Ruler x 1

Scissors x 1

scalpel x 1

Super glue x 1

soldering iron x 1

Tin x 1

Rosin x 1

Connecting cable x 1

Pen x 1

Step 2: Preparing Leather - 1

In this step we are going to prepare natural leather.

Place your display on the leather. This will give you idea how big the leather should be.

In our case it's going to be rectangle about size 60x70mm.

Draw with pen rectangle on the internal side of the leather.

Inside rectangle draw another rectangle which fit to active area of your display.

Step 3: Preparing Leather - 2

Now it is time to place 4 clothes latches on the leather and give them right place.

With pen draw small dots on the leather.

Step 4: Preparing Leather - 3

With scissors cut drawed before selected outer shape.

!! Be aware on your finger. This kind of knife is very sharp!!

If you are not sure if you can make it ask someone more experienced.

Now with knife cut internal window for OLED dispaly.

This can take some time depending on the thickness of the leather.

After all we will get open window inside of leather.

Now you can check if display can be seen through the cutted window.

Step 5: Display Preparing - 1

In this step we are going to prepare display to allow easy connecting with the leather.

Solder 4 clothes latches to display, like it is shown on photo.

Step 6: Display Preparing - 2

Make it GND pin shorter.

Step 7: Display Preparing - 3

This is not mandatory step, you can skip, but switch can give additional functionality.

Stick with the glue switch to PCB.

Solder one leg of switch to +5V and second to pin P3 not to pin P5 like it is done on the photo – P5 it is a reset signal.

Solder leg of the diplay to PCB.

Step 8: Display Preparing - 4

Make a connection with wire to GND of the display.

And solder to GND sidnal on the PCB.

Step 9: Display Preparing - 5

Solder cable to battery case.

Step 10: Display Preparing - 6

Place glue on the display tape.

Pleace battery case on display tape and wait 1 minute, until the the glue binds.

Step 11: Display Preparing - 7

Solder cables from battery to PCB. Be aware of right polarisation of the battery. + of battery to +5V and – of battery to GN.

Step 12: Display Preparing - 8

Before you place battery. Upload hex file to Attiny85.

Make sure that you connect ISP programming cable in the right way.

On the PCB you will find description of the pin 1.

Step 13: Sew Snaps to Leather - 1

In this step we are going to sew clothes latches to the leather.

Step 14: Sew Snaps to Leather - 2

Sew step by steps all latches. Be aware of your fingers because of the needle!

Step 15: Sew Snaps to Leather - 3

With scissors you can make round corner of the leather .

Step 16: Sew Snaps to OLED Display - 1

This step is similar to step 4. Now we are going to sew 4 latches to OLED display.

Mark on the leather position of the latches from OLED display.

Check if everything fit in to the right place. Snap to snap.

Step 17: Sew Snaps to OLED Display - 2

Gently place battery in battery case.

Step 18: Sew Snaps to OLED Display - 3

Flip to the display side :)

Step 19: Sew Snaps to OLED Display - 4

Now stick outer latches to your clothes and ready!

Step 20: Extras

Attiny25/45/85 PCB project is created with the basic idea to provide tiny cheap and versatile PCB for ATtiny25/45/85 microcontroler, that you can leave it in your project with no regret of losing expensive Arduino board.

Please check running campaing on Indiegogo and AwesomePCB.

Tech spec of the Attiny25/45/85 PCB

  • size: 33.5 x 11.2 mm
  • package: THT DIP8 ATtiny25/45/85
  • package: SMD SO08 ATtiny25/45/85
  • reset switch, top and bottom side.
  • reversible components THT - top side, SMD - bottom side
  • standard 6 pin ISP programming connector.
  • 2 output connector with access for all pins of uC
  • schematic