How to Make Your Microwave a Devil!




Introduction: How to Make Your Microwave a Devil!

So basically I had this hairband and a devil tail from Vegoose '07, it was on halloween, and one day I just randomly took the horns off the hairband and held them up to the sides of my 2 dollar microwave and BOOM-Francis was born!

Step 1: Get a Cheap Microwave

you're going to want a cheapie because who wants to paint up a new one? Give something old a new life. A lot of times you can find all kinds of small appliances at salvation army type places or at garage sales. This was the first microwave my roommate and I bought when we moved to Redondo beach and it cost us 2 bucks. That was over 3 years ago and it still works great! Unfortunately I don't have a ton of "before" pictures. Frown Face...

Step 2: Paint the Town Red

Or at least paint the microwave red, Now we decided to make it a devil because of the random stuff that we had laying around. You might not have devil horns and a tail, well then, get creative and make something else! I'm currently working on blending a stegosaurus and a toaster! This pictures is actually the earliest shot I have during the work. Here we have just applied a couple coats of red paint, My lovely assistant is holding up the horns to show where they're going to go. In the second picture you can see that there are now some teeth!

Step 3: Summon a DEMON!

add horns, tail, and soulpatch! sorry for uploading 2 of the same pic to the last 2 steps, but thats the only way I could figure out how to get my tags on pictures up there...

Step 4: Finis

Clean up the lines, clean up your mess, put the microwave back where it belongs and admire your outside of the box ability to create! I left a lot of the window open so that when francis is heating something for me I can still see the food move around...IN ITS MOUTH! how cool is that?

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty kewl, kinda makes me want to demonize all my appliances.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    the above poster is a moron. or a desperate virgin


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Seriously. Stay focused, nerd. This is a neat instructable, I was hoping to see the power chord become the tail though. Even if it isn't visible at the microwave, just seeing the triangular tail sticking into the wall where it's plugged in would be cool. A little less obvious, little more abstract. Either way, fun idea, effective execution. For really hellish effects, I recommend microwaving a metal mixing bowl!