Introduction: How to Make Your SCART Plug Your Tv on Av Mode Automatically

You know this problem: You own a old tv, you lost its remote, you want to play with your fancy NES but you tv has no button to switch to the av mode.

This instructable will teach how how to tune a default SCART plug to turn on av mode automatically, yeah!

Step 1: Find a Scart Plug and Open It

Find a random SCART plug that matches your purposes and open it up. There a various versions of those SCART plugs so you may have to find out yourself how you can open it. We used a default iPhone sim slot opener tool to open the SCART plug.

Step 2: Find Pin 8

You have to find pin 8. When you power this pin with 9,5V to 12V, you tv will switch on av mode automatically in 4:3 mode. If you need 16:9 mode you have to power the pin with 4,5V to 7V.

To make it work for all the time, you can use a 12V power supply. Just solder it between pin 8 and pin 14 (Beware, we used ping 5 in our solution, this is not the best way to do this) and plug in the power supply. BAM!

If you don't own a power supply you can just use two 6V batteries, or 8 1,5V batteries.