How to Make Your Chairs Stop Squeaking.

Introduction: How to Make Your Chairs Stop Squeaking.

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Everyone loves a cheep buy at garage sales, but when you purchase a set of chairs that are a little too squeaky you'll need to learn how to fix them.

Recently I purchased a dining table that came with a set of broken chairs. Not fully broken into scrap wood but were previously broken and terribly glued together. You could sit on them and hear an orchestra of squeaks. Observe the photo, how the support bars and legs have gaps.

(( Project is great for chairs that need to be re-stained ))

Supplies you need!
-Wood filler (preferably color hat matches your wood, I got a natural color)
-Gorilla wood glue (because it is the best)
-Putty knife or butter knife
-Coarse #60 sand paper

Step 1.

Because wood glue can become runny, you will need to mix gorilla wood glue with your wood filler. Because i was applying the wood filler to 4 chairs i took an old plastic bowl to mix glue and filler.

First pour the a sufficient amount of wood filler into the container and mix in wood glue slowly and a little at a time to mix until you achieve a thicker constancy then the wood filler was alone.

Step 2.

When applying the glue mixture to the cracks, you'll need to stuff the cracks while using the putty knife or butter knife. Make sure to leave extra on top of the cracks while flattening it.

Make sure to let the mixture dry for apx 2 hours, more if needed. While letting my chairs dry i places them upside down on the table letting the back hang off the edge. Since I filled in every crack visable (which i suggest, if u do not know where the squeaks coming from) I dryed mine for a full 12 hours to make sure everything was dry.

Step 3.

Sand down all extra with coarse sand paper.

Because I was already sanding and re-staining the table, I went ahead and sanded the whole chair and re-stained.

Enjoy your new/old squeaky free chairs.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    great instructable and looks pretty easy. I'll definitely try this out!