Introduction: How to Make Your IMac Easier to Use

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aaaargh, every time I need to plug headphones or a USB device into my iMac I have to climb over it or fumble blind !!!!

This is a bit of a pain but super simple to solve, I made this ible to show you how to put your ports exactly where you need them, on the front of your iMac. Just see what a difference a bit of sugru can make :)

Headphone extension cable
USB extension cable (male to female) (these are easy to find online or in a local store - I bought 25cm (10") cables - they are the perfect length for this project)
Masking tape

Why sugru is good for this:
1: bonds to Aluminium brilliantly :)
2: bonds to most other materials
3: you can remove sugru from most non porous surfaces without leaving any marks - take a look at this ible to see how



The success of this instructable depends a lot on the use of tape. 

To ensure that the inputs stay straight and do not move while the sugru is curing, it is important to tape the wire in place on the back of the computer.

Also, once the inputs are sugru'd in place, it is important to tape them in place, as the wires often offers resistance and try to pull the inputs out of place. Use tape to help hold the hack in place while it cures.

We found a strong masking tape worked best. It may not be as strong as duct tape but it wont leave marks on your beautiful iMac.

Step 2: Divide the Sugru

You only need about half a mini pack for each input so divide in two and use half for the headphones input and half for the USB input.

Step 3: Headphones Jack

To bring the headphones input to the front of the iMac I decided to use a splitter. Not only is it just the right size to keep things tidy, it offers you two inputs rather than just one. Oh joy.

1. Don't forget to start by taping the wires to the back of the computer.

2. Work out where the inputs will sit comfortably. If you get a comfortable positioning they are lest like to meet resistance from the wire which could cause the hack to fail.

3. Take half the mini pack and make into a cone shape.

4. Press the small pointed end into the side of the computer and shape into a blob large enough to press the inputs into.

5. Press the inputs into the sugru gently. Don't press in all the way, you want some sugru underneath them to ensure a strong bond.

6. Press in the sides that spread out from underneath the inputs.

7. Use tape to hold the inputs in place so that they do not move while curing. Make sure no tape is touching the sugru so that it doesn't form a bond.

Step 4: USB Extension Cable

We ordered some male to female USB extensions that were short enough, 25cm (10"), to keep the back of our computer tidy.

1. Again make sure that you tape the cable to the back of the computer so that the input does not move whilst curing.

2. Work out which way you want you USB input to sit. I wanted mine to have the top facing out so that those around me could see my super fly sugru USBs.

3. Take the remaining half of the minipack and make into a cone shape.

4. This time press the small end of the cone into the bottom of the USB input.

5. Shape the sugru into a pyramid shape.

6. Press the pyramid into the side of the computer, be sure not to place it over any of the tape from any previous hack.

7. Press in the sugru that spreads out from underneath.

8. Again tape is absolutely necessary to hold the input in place against any resistance from the wire whilst curing. 

Leave for 24 hours, USB use can be quite aggressive!

Step 5: Easy Peasy

Now your iMac is super improved and you will no longer have to fumble around the back of the machine like an idiot! Woop :)