Introduction: How to Make Your Mom a Genuine and Heartfelt Mother's Day Gift in the 21st Century !

Not sure what to get your mom this year for mother's day? want to make her something, but aren't able to give it to her in person or mail it to her in time? well, step into the Internet age, and follow me as we construct THE PERFECT MOTHER'S DAY CARD!

Step 1: Starting From Scratch

Get a blank sheet of paper !

Step 2: Get Your Tools

Get coloured pencils ! (crayons and markers, or any other Crayola brand work equally as well :) )

Step 3: Draw Something !

I decided to draw a picture of the world, because my mom is the best mom in the whole world !

Step 4: Color It in !

Add as much color and detail as you can, because it shows the effort and time that you put into this card (mom's love that kinda thing!)

Step 5: Write Something Sweet !

Write something sweet to your mom , like 'you are the best mom ever!'. Again, mom's love hearing and seeing this sort of thing, but especially if you drew/wrote it on the card that YOU made !

Step 6: Flowers !

To add a finishing touch, put some live flowers on your card. (Again, All moms love flowers!)

Step 7: Flowers 2

If you do not have flowers, take them from your neighbor's lawn while they are not looking. Hopefully, my neighbor doesn't see this.

Step 8: Put It Togetha !

Put the flowers on the card, and VUA-LA !

Step 9: The 21st Century Twist !

Now, put this on the Internet for your mom (and many other people's moms) to see.

Step 10: Post It Online !

Post it online, because if it's not online, than it didn't really happen.

Step 11: Make Mom Happy !

As mom sees your card, she will be almost as happy as if you physically gave her the card that you made; And as she sees these steps, she will know that that you actually did the hard work to give her a genuine and heartfelt mother's day card ! JOB WELL DONE !