How to Make Your Own Milk, No Cow Needed




Introduction: How to Make Your Own Milk, No Cow Needed

I love my cereal in the morning, but a gallon of milk won't keep to the last bowl full, and it is just too expensive. So, I make my milk from water and Half & Half coffee creamer and have done it for years. I don't worry about the vitamins, I just want some good milk. I am blessed to have good tasting water from my tap if I use the hot water faucet. Heating the water seems to take out the chlorine taste. When I've had bad water, I used a one of those filter pitchers to get a good tasting water. Put the water in a container in the fridge next to the Half & Half, you can experiment with other liquid creamers also if you wish (soy, non-dairy, etc) I will put my cereal in the bowl and add the ice cold water almost up to where I want the milk to be, then add a dash of the creamer, about as much as you would add to coffee, you now have "2% milk" (by taste) add another dash and you have "4%" (again guessing by taste). Take your spoon and mix the milk into the water until it all looks like regular milk. If it looks or tastes weak, add a bit more creamer. Do not try to mix a batch ahead of time unless you can use it all that day. It won't keep! But if you can't tell the difference, why pay the difference! I have also used a small bottle of 4% and mixed it 50/50 with water to get 2%, but I like the ultra pasteurized  Half & Half best.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Later tests show that I like to use 1 Tbs of Half & Half to about 10 oz of cold water. This means I can get 2.5 gallons of "milk" from one quart of Half & Half. I knew I was getting a lot!


    Reply 5 years ago

    it worked