Introduction: How to Make Your Own Scuf Gaming Controller (Xbox 360)

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Welcome to DIY gamer. The show that I teach you how to make your own professional grade gaming equipment. Today's video is about scuff gaming controllers. A part and tools list is below. Please Rate,comment, and subscribe!

Tact Switch, 9.5mm High x2  ($3.99
Tact Switch with Ground x2 ( $3.99
BIC Mark-it! Pens x2 ( $5
Smallest Gauge wire you can find
Several small screws
Torx T8 Security (Only for Wireless)
Soldering Iron
Hotglue Gun
Power Drill
Small Philips Driver
Masking Tape
Wire Stripper
Wire Cutter
Xacto Knife
3/16 Drill Bit
5/64 Drill Bit

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