Introduction: How to Make Your Own South Park Cheesy Poofs ( 4 1/2 Inches Tall)

Are you tired of missing out on South Park Cheesy Poofs? Did you missed out on Cheesy Poofs in the 1990's? How about Year Of The Fan? If so This instructable teaches you how to make your own Cheesy Poofs Cheetos holder , so you can have Cheesy Poofs just like ones Eric Cartman eats. 

he's the link to the video on youtube

Step 1: Materials Needed

Color Printer
Scissors or Craft Knife
Clear Packing Tape
zip lock bags to seal Cheetos in to prevent stale Cheesy Poofs 

Step 2: Save the Template

Save file to your pictures

Step 3: Print

Print out the template to full size on the whole sheet of paper.

Step 4: Cut the Template Out

Carefully cut the template out around the black lines.
Do not cut cut the flaps

Step 5: Cut Out Cardboard Pieces

cut the cardboard out to fit and form a box shape.

Step 6: Folding/Gluing It All Together

Make sure the box forms a cereal box shape with the top and bottom flaps open. Then glue side together to form what's shown in picture below

Step 7: Making the Base

Glue a piece of cardboard on the bottom of the box. Then the side flaps as shown in the picture. Lastly glue the front and back flaps. 

Step 8: The Top Flaps

Glue cardboard on the inside of the top flaps do not put cardboard near the tab that holds the box closed. Fold tabbed side and put tape around if not long enough. Cut hole on back side flap for the long tab to fit through

Step 9: Wait for the Glue to Dry Before Closing to Prevent Top Flaps From Sticking Together

Step 10: Make Sure the Box Stays Closed If Not Make Tab Longer.

Now your finished with the box to your cheesy poofs.

Step 11: Fill a Sandwich Bag With Cheese Snacks Such a Cheese Balls, Cheetos, Cheese Puffs

Then zip up bag tight to keep snack fresh and make sure it fits inside box, closes, and holds shut. Now you have it! Your very South Park Cheesy Poofs just like Eric Cartman's.

Step 12: Be Sure to Watch the Episode of South Park (Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods)(Season 2) and Enjoy Your Cheesy Poofs

So sing along to the song

I love Cheesy Poofs,
You love Cheesy Poofs.
If we didn't eat Cheesy Poofs
We'd be lame!!!!!!
I'm talking 9 court in its fifth season lame!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So long guys. In the future I will try to make a bigger version so people can use it for their costumes