Introduction: How to Make Your Own Screen Protector.

Did you always want a screen protector for your cellphone or other electronics but it cost a little too much for a piece of clear covering? Well here's a guide that will show you how to make your own screen protector for no cost (assuming that you have clear box tape, soap and water in your house)

Dish Soap
Wide clear tape, not the small scotch tape but the wide clear tape you use for sealing boxes.

Make sure you clean the screen free of oil and any small particles.

Step 1: Mix the Soap and Water

Add two or three drops of dish soap into the cup of water and mix

Step 2: Apply the Soap/water Solution Onto the Screen.

Put a dab or two of the soap/water solution onto the screen, then spread it around the screen. Try your best to get rid of the white soap bubbles. Do not wipe the soap/water solution off. The solution makes it easier to get rid of the air bubbles under the tape.

Step 3: Apply the Strip of Tape Onto the Wet Screen.

Put a strip of tape on the screen and then press against the screen like crazy>=] to get rid of the air bubbles. Make sure the tape touches the outside part of the screen (in this picture, the silver part of the razr) so it wont move when you cut the the tape.

Step 4: Cutting the Tape

Cut the outline of the screen. Some devices has small gaps between the screen and the body so it will guide your razor. If it does not have a gap then use a ruler to guide the razor. Make sure your cutting it slowly and lightly. When your done then pull off the outside scraps slowly..

Step 5: Be Patient..

Do not touch the screen or you will move the tape around (dont forget there's slippery soap solution under the tape and it will move if you touch it). Let it dry for an hour or two =D and then you can touch the screen all want.. =D.