Introduction: How to Make Your Own Tissue Rose!

On this instructable im going to teach you how to make a tissue rose. This is my first instructable so if you see something wrong about it please tell me i would appreceate it.

Step 1: Gathering the Materials.

You only need a one and a half tissue. Try getting a tissue that has no images on them. But as you can see mine has images on them so what ever.

Step 2: Taking the Tissue Apart.

You take it apart by starting in one corner and then slowly take it apart.

Step 3: Start Rolling.

Now you have the two halves. Now take one half and start on one of the shorter sides and roll. You are not supposed to roll all the tissue only one edge of it.

Step 4: Fold

Now you fold one of the longer sides in about 1.5 cm letting the roll you rolled face outwards.

Step 5: Rolling Again.

Now you have to roll again but this time you dont roll it tight. The images explain it better.

Step 6: Twist.

Now you twist the tissue right under the roll you rolled in the previous step.

Step 7: Rolling Again.

Now you roll the tissue again. See the picture.

Step 8: Making the Leaf.

Now your rose is complete. but if you want to make a leaf on it then continue searching through the instructions. First you take a half tissue and take it apart like you did with the other tissue. then you rip half of it (doesnt need to be precise). Then you roll out the roll that you rolled previously and place the 1/4 of the tissue on the rose like in the picture. Next you will roll it again but remember to leave a little part of the 1/4 tissue that is supposed to be the leaf.

Now you have made yourself a tissue rose.