Introduction: How to Measure Network Performance

About: I am SoC engineer of Korea. I developed several comunication SoCs. Now I'm very interesting in IoT with ethernet. and Open Hardware platform.

Sometimes I am wondering network performance.

And I think there are many who wondering network performance as like me.

Just follow me.

Then you can check your network performance easily.

Step 1: Iperf


Which is a freeware tool to measure the performance of a network link.

This tool is world wide well known for check network link.

Most of all ...... it's very easy to use.


To run Iperf we need two computer. One host must be set as client, the other one as server (as a picture).

Then Iperf will measure network performance between client and server.

Step 2: Download Iperf

We have to download "Iperf" tool to measure network performance.

Go to below website :


* There are many explains to use but most of them are not needed for us to check.

* Just follow me then you can check your network performance.


Iperf support various OS such as any Windows, Linux/UNIX and so on.

So you can find various version of Iperf in this website.

We will check network performance in Windows environment.

So please click "Iperf 2.0.5-3 (1421 Kio) - The latest version of Iperf 2 (2014)."

And download it to anywhere of your PC.

(refer pictures)


Next we have to install Iperf on your PC.

you can fine "" in downloaded directory.

And just unzip this file.

That is all for install Iperf tool.

In my case, I unzipped this file on "C:\iperf-2.0.5-3-win32" as picture.

Step 3: Setup Iperf Server Mode

As I mentioned on "Step 1", we need two PC.

One will be a server, and the other will be a client.


First, we will set one PC as a server mode.

Open "Command prompt window"

and go to "iperf" installed directory using "cd", "dir" command as a first picture of this step.


And type "iperf -s -w 300k" and Enter on command line as a second picture.

It is all what we have to do for set a PC as a server mode.


There are two method to open "command prompt window"1. Click the Start button , click All Programs, click Accessories, and then click Command Prompt.2. Click the Start button . In the Search box, type "cmd"

Step 4: Setup Iperf Client Mode

Second, we will set the other PC as a client mode.

Open "Command prompt window" and go to "iperf" installed directory as like when we set server mode.


And Type "iperf -c -w 300k -t 100 -i 10" and Enter on command line as a picture.

Then you can see the result of network performance between two PC.

(In my case, network performance is 89.2Mbps.)


NOTE : which is IP address of server mode PC.

Step 5: Finish

Now you can check the performance between two PC as I did.

Let's start check your network performance.


And I wondering the network performance arduino with ethernet shield too.


So I will prepare a post "How to measure network performance of arduino with ethernet shield"

Measuring environment will be as a picture.