How to Mix Hydraulic Cement for Sculpting




Introduction: How to Mix Hydraulic Cement for Sculpting

I am a former zookeeper. One thing you may not know, zookeepers often have to make their own speciā€¦

You will need:

Hydraulic cement mix
Water and a robust water container
A tub for mixing the cement
Disposable gloves

Step 1: Make a Small Mound of Cement in the Middle of Your Mixing Tub

Step 2: Make a Well in the Center and Fill It With Water

Step 3: Scoop Dry Mix From the Edges Into the Well

Step 4: Pick Up and Knead the Blob of Partialy Mixed Cement

Step 5: Add Water or Dry Mix Until It Reaches the Consistency of Play Dough

You will only have five minutes to use the cement before it begins to harden.

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    6 years ago

    Citric acid acts as a retarder in regular cement, will it work in hydraulic cement?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hello, I have a question with hydraulic cement. I am building a form with styrofoam which will ultimately hold a terafauna filter and a small pool for my box turtle and want to cover it with hydraulic cement instead of multiple layers of grout and then sealer. I know I will not be able to make enough cement and work with it to cover the whole piece in approximately 5 minutes-before it hardens. If I do this in increments, will the wet cement bond to the hardened cement? I do plan on covering the whole thing in one day, but like I said, I know I can't do it all in one batch of cement. I have asked a few people, but they don't know. I would assume so since this is usually applied to regular concrete as a patch, but want to be safe.

    Will this be water proof enough to have water in it all the time, or would you recomend a sealing with silicone for added durability?

    Also is there a way for me to color this? I wanted something terra cotta or brick colored, not white. That was my last question :)

    Thank you for your help


    12 years ago on Introduction

    While the cement is curing (after about five minutes from when you start mixing it) it will get HOT. This is part of the chemical reaction that hardens the cement. If you water it down too much, it will not react properly, it won't get hot, and the finished item will be weak.