Introduction: How to Mod a Nerf Dart to Fire in Your Longshot CS-6.

This is my first instructable and a extremely easy one.
One day i got tired of checking if walmart had any "streamline" darts for my longshot, every time i go they say theres none in stock or they dont carry them any more, so i decided to make my own.

-Nerf Longshot CS-6
-Nerf darts

Step 1: Cutting the Dart Tip

This part is easy just cut off a piece of the tip of the dart. Then just cut around the tip until there is mostly just the flat tip left (it should look like pic 2).

Step 2: Getting Rid of the Dart Tips Edge

Now cut the edge of the tip a little, just cut dont to deep or the top flat piece(pic 1)!
Then rip off the edge slowly, dont rip the Styrofoam(pic 2).

Step 3: Your Done!

After step 2 it should look like the pic. It should also fire. For some reason these flat tipped darts fly further than my last remaining dart I have that came with the gun.