How to Mod a Common Sense Rc Servo

Introduction: How to Mod a Common Sense Rc Servo

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In this instructable i will show you how to mod a common sense rc feather servo for continuous rotation.
the things you need for this 'able are
1. an X-acto knife
2. a jewelry screwdriver (or just a small screwdriver)
3. wire cutters
4. the servo (of course)

Step 1: Setting It Up, Taking It Apart

the first thing you want to do is take out the servo and find the 4 screws located at the bottom of the servo. unscrew them just part of the way so that the top of the servo case comes off but the bottom stays intact.

after you take off the top look at the second picture,  the gear at the top left is the one with a lip on it that prevents it from spinning all of the way.  you are going to want to take this off and cut off that lip (3rd pic). as you take off the gear another one will come off with it do not lose this and keep it close. next take you X-acto knife and slice off the lip

Step 2: Gear Work

after the lip has been removed the next thing to do is get the wire cutters out cut about 2 1/2 centimeters of the little stem that is connected to the modified gear (pic 2). the reason we do this is so that the stem cant reach all the way down to turn the pot which is the other thing that prevents it from 360 rotation.

Step 3: Back Together Again

put the gears all back together again with the now modded gear and stem, and make sure if you got any dirt or hair in the gears to clean it out or it will shorten the life of the gears.

Step 4: Finilization

if you put the cap on right now and screwed it back together i should work but to make sure the pot doesn't move and mess it up here s what to do...this time you are going to need to take off the bottom and get to the pot (i don't have any pics for this step, sorry) it should be a circle where the modded stem went into now plug in your servo to the receiver and turn your transmitter on and turn the pot until it makes it so that the servo isnt turning when the joystick on your receiver is in the middle (also that when your joystick is up and down it turns on).  then either hot glue or super glue the pot into that position and BAM!!! you got yourself a 360 continuous rotation servo

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